Monday, April 14, 2008

Let me say, first, that I am not an atheist. I do however have certain issues with the traditional concept of God. Of course, there is the usual; how can he let good people be in pain, how could he let children suffer? Obviously, or maybe not so, there must be something greater than ourselves. It is pompous and highly unlikely that we are the best creation has come up with. I guess I just find the whole concept of an omnipotent being, sitting on high, orchestrating and worrying about our little lives, a bit hard to swallow. But, beyond that, I guess the thing that bothers me the most is this; how could any perfect, all-powerful being have created us, only to sit back and call it a good day? I don't mean to sound flip. I am not referring to our basic human flaws or weaknesses, or even to our rapidly declining sense of morality. I am talking about something much more basic than that. What kind of a perfect being would look at the human design and call it a job well done? For one thing, there is our mortality. Wouldn't you think that an omnipotent being could create something that wouldn't break or die? Okay, so lets say that this planned obsolescence is part of the plan. What about the rest of our design. We have bones that break, skin that is insufficient protection in almost any climate, eyes that grow weak with age, and don't get me started on what's under the surface. I mean, look at our intestines. Is a mile long tract of slimy, sausage like membrane the quickest way from point A to point B? Wouldn't a straight shot from the mouth to the butt be much more efficient? And while we're talking about it - why do we need to eat anyways? Do you think God enjoys a nice slice of pizza while watching Survivor? Why would he create something that depended on the death of something else to survive? Wouldn't you want all of your toys to play nicely together? I certainly wouldn't want my Barbie sauteeing my Gumby. If a perfect being sat down to create something wonderful, don't you think he/she could do it without the need for food or excrement? Let's face it, we have too many ports of entry and egress, we are literally leaking stuff all over the place. Is that really the definition of intelligent design? I don't know. Maybe I've gotten it wrong, it wouldn't be the first time, but I would like to think that the almighty could do better. Or, maybe he was just having a bad day.Check out my website;


Friday, April 11, 2008

I admit it, I am not a very good blogger. I have been spending so much time working on my novels and the publication of my first Young Adult novel; The Secret of Bigelow Hollow, that there is not much time left for blogging. My apologies.
I am trying to do better though.
I recently got an invitation to a fundraiser for an animal shelter. I love the idea of supporting groups like these. They do such great work. Without them, who knows how many other animals would lose their lives. I, personally, have never gotten an animal from a pet store or a breeder. I have had a multitude of cats and dogs, each one of them have been orphaned in some way and found their way to me, or I have found them at a shelter or pet rescue facility.
What struck me as ironic about this invitation was that it is for a dinner function. The main course is chicken. Now first I should say, that, as much as I agree with the philosophy - I am not a vegetarian. I guess, right off the bat, that makes me a hypocrite. I have, in the last couple of years, tried to cut back on my consumption of meat, particularly red meat, but I am far from perfect.
I guess I just thought it was odd that we would be supporting the lives of numerous domestic animals while feasting over the bodies of dozens of feathered creatures.
I understand that the world is not going to revert to a vegan diet any time soon. Heck, I can't even manage to do it in my own little corner of the world. I guess I just find it a little disturbing, how we can so easily block out the anquish and torment that our food animals suffer every day.
If I ever had to hunt for my food or visit a slaughterhouse to choose my desired cut of meat, I would surely be unable to maintain my flesh eating ways. But it is so easy to walk into the bright surroundings of any local grocery store and choose just the right neatly wrapped cut of meat. A neat package that is so removed from the steer riding up the conveyor belt, awaiting a nail through the brain.
I don't know what the answer is. Maybe it should not be so easy for us to take these lives for granted.
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Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Am I the only one who is now afraid to leave my house and yet equally fearful of staying home? What the heck is going on with these home invasions? It is getting harder and harder to feel safe in your own home.I guess I just don't understand the mentallity. 'Dum, dee dum, dum...I'm bored...I guess I'll break into that house. Gee, there's someone home...I guess I'd better kill them.'

I make it a habit to try to avoid the news whenever possible. I don't know how people can have a good day when it starts out with a laundry list of all the horrendous things that are happening in the world. So, I try to maintain my blissful ignorance, but it's not easy. No matter what I do, the horrors of the modern world creep in.

Today it was a home invasion in Connecticut. A registered sex offender, I believe he was out on parole or something. He sees a total stranger going into her house and decides to follow her in. Ultimately, he shoots one woman in their basement and takes the other to a secluded place to shoot and kill her. Yesterday it was the story of the disgruntled father who was upset that he was going to lose custody of his three children. His solution was to kill them all - three innocent children dead, because the court system did not act quickly enough to take away his rights.

I'm just wondering when it became common practice to kill people because they were inconvenient? When did murder become the solution to the problem? I have never been an advocate of the death penalty, but it becomes harder and harder to argue against it, in the face of such hideous injustices.
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